Intercourse, PA -- Kitchen Kettle Village

A very well run hotel with a B&B feel. The Kitchen Kettle Village is located in an excellent location. Many restaurants and stores were in walking distance and many more were a short drive away. The people of Lancaster County were extremely nice--the Amish especially. The food of the Lancaster County area was great and high quality, as the Mid-Atlantic Traveler can attest. The complimentary food and coffee was excellent. Kristina and I stayed at the Strawberry Street Guest Quarters which was very comfortable. Late-risers may have a problem with this room because the stores in the Village begin receiving goods early around 6:30 to 7:00 am (which can be a little noisy--though it did not bother us). With the beautiful scenery, friendly people, excellent food, and superb service, we would definitely stay at the Kitchen Kettle Village again and give this establishment 4 stars.

Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, PA = **** (4 stars)

Richmond, VA -- Marriott Hotel

I must recommend never to stay at the Marriott in downtown Richmond. To put it in simple terms, the place was a dump. The staff there was totally unprofessional and at times rude, from bellhops to the people staffing the counter. Plus the location was terrible. Sure it was in downtown Richmond, near everything. Unfortunately, it was near the ghetto too. A major bus stop was in front of the hotel--so the town's best and brightest were nearby.

I recommend spending a little more money to stay at the Hilton. It's location in downtown is much better and having spoken with people whose stayed there, the customer service at the Hilton is far superior.

Marriott, Richmond, VA = * (1 star)


Bed & Breakfast Inns

Below are the list of B&B's we visited over the years.
  • The best received four (4) stars ****
  • The worst received one (1) star *
    For further description, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

    1. Scarborough House Inn ****
    Manteo, NC (Visited in Summer 1999)
    2. Squire Watkins Inn *
    Dillsboro, NC (Visited in Spring 2003)
    3. Pecan Tree Inn ****
    Beaufort, NC (Visited in Summer 2000)
    4. Maple Lodge Inn ***
    Blowing Rock, NC (Visited in Spring 2001; Fall 2005)
    5. Benjamin W. Best Country Inn and Carriage House ****
    Snow Hill, NC (Visited in Winter 2005)
    6. Wray House Bed & Breakfast **
    Burnsville, NC (Visited in Winter 2003)
    7. Meadowood Bed & Breakfast ***
    Meadows of Dan, VA (Visited in Summer 2006)
    8. Inn at the Crossroads ***
    Charlottesville, VA (Visited in Summer 2004)
    9. Lovill House Inn Bed & Breakfast**1/2
    Boone, NC (Visited in Winter 2007)
    10) The Governor's House Inn****
    Historic Charleston, SC 29401

    (1) Scarborough House Inn ****
    P.O. Bx 1310
    Corner of Fernando and Uppowac Streets
    Manteo, NC 27954
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    Not to be confused with the Scarborough Inn, the Scarborough House Inn was a very nice B&B. We stayed in the Guest House. The rooms were very neat and well kept. The Inn is located near the scenic coast of Manteo--within easy walking distance. The owners were very nice and offered use of their bicycles and kept our refrigerator well-stocked with breakfast food and snacks. On a side note, the Fig bush next to the Guest House offered an added bonus of tasty fruit.

    (2) Squire Watkins Inn *
    657 Haywood Rd
    PO Box 430
    Dillsboro, NC 28725
    --Would you stay here again? NO--

    We would have rather stayed in a motel. This B&B promotes the gardens and its architecture as selling points. However, the owners fail to mention the gardens are in disrepair and the house is not any better. I noticed visible signs of wood rot on the house's exterior in addition to all the spider webs. The interior of the house was also disappointing. The room we stayed in was cluttered and the door had a large crack where you could actually peer inside the room from the outside. The owner/hostess did not help matters--general questions about the town or Inn were met with an unpleasant demeanor.

    If you want to visit the area, we would not recommend the Squire Watkins Inn. Plus, we would not recommend Dillsboro. Don't get us wrong, we liked Dillsboro--but once you been there 2 or 3 hours, you have seen it all. Sylva is a much more entertaining and interesting town--very good restaurants in Sylva.

    (3) The Pecan Tree Inn****
    Bed and Breakfast
    116 Queen St.
    Beaufort, NC 28516
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    A very well run B&B. Excellent location--nearly everything worth seeing in Beaufort is within walking distance from the Inn and excellent room. Food was excellent. Drinks and snacks were provided throughout the day. The owners also provided pecan brittle which was quite tasty.

    (4) Maple Lodge Inn***
    152 Sunset Drive
    Blowing Rock, NC 28605
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    A very nice place to stay. The rooms were cozy--borderline cramped, coffee and hot cocoa are offered through-out the day. The Inn is located in close proximity to Blowing Rock's downtown and its unique stores--unfortunately these stores tend to close early. The complimentary breakfast was primarily sweet-sugary foods which was excellent but, we were craving more normal foods after the second day.

    (5) Benjamin W. Best Country Inn and Carriage House****
    2029 Mewborn Church Rd
    Snow Hill, NC 28580
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    If you are looking for a quiet retreat this is the place. The Benjamin W. Best Country Inn and Carriage House is in fact the only place for a traveler passing through Greene County. We stayed in the Carriage House--very spacious. There is not much else in Greene County besides the miles of farmland. Some people may prefer to be closer to a more urban area. My wife was itchin for a visit to Greenville (a metropolis compared to Snow Hill). Though I really enjoyed the quiet scenery, the nearby cotton fields and all the animals--dogs, sheep, cows, horses, etc. Reminds me of visiting my grandfather's farm when I was young. Though, the golf cart we were allowed to drive in over the acreage was an added bonus. The breakfast was excellent, and the inn keepers were very nice like all the locals we met. Every NC traveling enthusiast should make a stop through Greene County and the Benjamin W. Best Country Inn.

    (6) Wray House Bed & Breakfast **
    2 South Main Street
    Burnsville, NC 28714
    --Would you stay here again? NO--

    Another weird stay. The house and room were nice, the food was good, and the location was not bad. "So what was the problem you ask?" Let me tell you. The woman who ran the house made you feel uncomfortable and she was constantly quibbling over small change. One instance that stands out in my mind occurred on the first day. She told us she will cook anything we want for breakfast and that cost was not an issue. So I told her that I like country ham--provided that it's not too expensive. She said "no problem!" Kristina had not made up her mind, the lady again said "no problem" and reassured us that Kristina could tell her tomorrow morning what she wanted and again that cost was not an issue. The next day came and the country ham was cooking. Kristina mentioned that she would like bacon. Her response was that the country ham and bacon together was "too expensive". Looking back, I wish I told her, "Bye". If cost was an issue, you should have said so without creating an embarrasing situation--and really the combination of the two is not very expensive, especially considering the price we paid for the room. Appears to me she is another passive-aggressive host. Burnsville is a great town and there are lots of nice places to stay--just not the Wray House. If we go back, we will stay in the Nu-Wray Inn instead. They are across the street from the Wray House and their food is way better and the hosts seem nicer.

    (7) Meadowood Bed & Breakfast***
    6235 Buffalo Mountain Rd
    Meadows of Dan, VA 24120
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    The most memorable part of this trip was the local people of the Meadows of Dan. It is a small spot on the map of southern Virginia and can easily be missed. However, this is a community worth visiting--the local shops and restaurants were unforgettable. As far as the Inn goes it was a nice place to stay. It is located near the Blue Ridge Parkway, so it feels very secluded and serene. The owners are new to the Bed & Breakfast business and were good hosts. A traveler to this area, should give the Meadowood Bed & Breakfast a try.


    (8) Inn at the Crossroads***
    5010 Plank Rd
    North Garden, VA 22959
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    We enjoyed staying at this B&B. The scenery around the B&B was picturesque and it is very close to many historical sites in VA. We were housed in the Summer Kitchen Cottage, this former kitchen was very cozy. However, the one negative thing we noticed about the cottage was more bugs and even lizards than should be usually expected out of B&B. This did not bother me as much as it did Kristina.

    (9) Lovill House Inn Bed & Breakfast**1/2
    404 Old Bristol Road
    Boone, NC 28607
    --Would you stay here again? MAYBE--

    What is it about Yankee carpetbaggers who decide to run a B&B in the South that makes the stay so peculiar? Our visit to the Lovill House Inn was likewise peculiar. The house was a bit chilly for my taste--to be fair, the wind chill outside was 0 (zero) degrees for the nights we stayed. However, the owners just came across as a bit domineering. Despite that, we enjoyed our trip to Boone and the winter scenery on the 11 acres of the B&B. Kristina indicated that she would like to stay here again in the future, I think I would prefer to find another place.

    (10) The Governor's House Inn****
    117 Broad Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    --Would you stay here again? YES--

    Nice place, beautiful rooms, excellent location. The Sherry in the parlor was a nice touch. We definitely will go here again.